Best Engine Tune Ups in Inland Empire CA!

This is a picture of an engine tune ups service.

Is your vehicle running rough, lacking power, or maybe hard to start? Engine Tune Ups play an important part in keeping your vehicle running smoothly and on the road. Regular maintenance is important to keeping your vehicle in good operating condition, but maintenance doesn’t include some of the things that need to be done between longer intervals. We’re talking about things like spark plug replacement, spark plug wires, air filters, fuel filter, belts, hoses and engine fluids. These are all critical items for your vehicle to maintain smooth operating condition, but they often get overlooked because they don’t wear out as quickly as tires, wiper blades, washer fluid or engine oil. Inland Empire’s Best Mobile Mechanic won’t overlook anything during Engine Tune Ups, and we will send you on your way with a vehicle that feels brand new!

Spark Plug Replacement

Spark plugs are what breathe life into that hunk of metal, plastic and glass that we call a car. Without the spark plug creating the necessary ignition, you wouldn’t be moving at all. Inland Empire’s Best Mobile Mechanic knows that spark plugs don’t last forever, and can even get dirty from time to time. Despite being fully covered by a spark plug wire cap, dirt, grime and sediment can cover the spark plug preventing it from sparking when you turn the ignition. With the right tools, Inland Empire’s Best Mobile Mechanic can change these out, or clean them, in no time flat.


Key Engine Fluids

Your car relies upon more than just gas to run properly. There are a number of different engine and system fluids that you need to make sure are at the proper levels and quality. Inland Empire’s Best Mobile Mechanic can help you with checking each one and making sure your vehicle is road ready. Some of the fluids that vehicles need to run flawlessly are radiator coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, washer fluid, engine oil and power steering fluid. You could even mention freon, even though that’s technically a gas. While that may seem like a lot of different fluids to check, Inland Empire’s Best Mobile Mechanic can check them all and get you back on the road in no time at all.

Air Quality

Most vehicles have at least two different air filters that help maintain good air quality and prevent particulate matter from making its way into the cabin. Air filters, while inexpensive and easy to replace, often get overlooked. If you have ever stepped inside a car and notice a stale, musty smell, but no apparent source, then you might have just entered a car with a dirty air filter. It’s a very common problem, with a simple solution, and Inland Empire’s Best Mobile Mechanic would be glad to assist you with it.

Belts, Hoses and Wires

There is a finely orchestrated dance going on under hood of your car every time you turn the key in the ignition. Belts, hoses and wires are snaked through various outlets and grommets in your engine area in such a precise way that none of them interfere with the others. Inland Empire’s Best Mobile Mechanic is well-versed in troubleshooting and repairing issues that sometimes arise when belts or wires get damaged. Instead of messing with that tangled nest under the hood, make the right choice and call Inland Empire’s Best Mobile Mechanic instead!